January 2015

Thank you, Brown County Board

Brown County Board Address

December Meeting Notes

National Debt Update

Things that make us wonder

and more. . . .

December 2014

Happy Holidays - Less Taxing and More Giving

November meeting notes

National Dept Update  Things That Make Us Wonder. . . . And more.

Brown County Taxpayers Association

County Seat... Green Bay, WI Non-profit, Non-partisan, Chartered 1986 Focusing public attention on public expenditures.

Monitoring public expenditures to eliminate waste, inefficiency, and duplication. Investigating current and proposed sources of government revenue in order to recommend the most equitable, efficient, and economical means of taxation. Informing citizens about their government, adhering at all times to facts, without prejudice, partisanship, or politics. Stimulating citizen action for better government with existing organizations to promote specific issues.

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