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May: Ben Schenkelberg – architect re: siting of new Brown County Expo Hall June: Tom Sieber – candidate for State Assembly July: Jeff Mayers re: November general elections August: John Macco – candidate for State Assembly (tentatively)

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Facts regarding BCTA’s actions to stop Brown County’s new sales tax

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BCTA files legal action to stop

Brown County sales tax

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Response to County Executive Streckenbach’s press conference this morning 1/8/18

Brown County does not “have to” spend $147 million in additional projects over the next 6 years, so Brown County would not “have to” raise property taxes to pay for them. County Executive Streckenbach this morning stated that the Brown County taxpayer will have to pay $24M more in property taxes if the BCTA prevails in this litigation. How do you reconcile that against the approximate $130M in additional taxes - a sales tax in this case - that it will cost that same taxpayer over the next six years?

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Meeting Schedule 3rd Thursday of the Month Noon 'till 1:30pm

Beginning with our March 2017 meeting a new location for our monthly BCTA meetings (The Village Grille, corner of Hoffman and East River Drive, Allouez). There will be three selections from which to choose lunch – each one will be priced at $10 (including tip). Lunch is at 12:00 noon with monthly speakers presenting at 12:30 pm.

BCTA meetings always include a presentation related to tax issues by an authority connected with the issue. Join us!


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